Vendor Qualification System

The main goal of Makedonski Telekom AD is to cooperate with vendors who shall indirectly contribute to the fulfilment of the goals of Makedonski Telekom AD i.e. taking the fulfilment of our customers’ needs to a higher level through the provisioning of high quality products/services and respecting deadlines thereof.
For accomplishing these goals, Makedonski Telekom AD has introduced a qualification system for vendors based on the assessment of their performance when it comes to delivered products or performed services from technical, economic and qualitative point of view and for the purpose of long-term mutual cooperation in the future.

The prequalification participates with 30%, while the post-qualification participates with 70% in the results from the vendor qualification.
  • First phase: Prequalification The prequalification is based on the assessment of data provided in the questionnaire.  Based on the answers from the questionnaire, Makedonski Telekom AD shall classify the vendors according to previously defined criteria.
  • Second phase: Post qualification The post qualification procedure is based on the assessment for the performance of the delivered products i.e. the performed services from the aspect of quality thereof and delivery within the required deadline.  
Based on the summary results from the prequalification and post-qualification, the companies are ranked as “Qualified” - “A”, “B” or “C” or “Not recommended”: - “D”.  
Categories and appropriate points:       

A - Highly recommended
100-91 points
B - Recommended
90-71 points
C - Applicable
70-51 points
D - Not recommended
50 and less points

In the first quarter of every calendar year, the Procurement, Logistics and Real Estate Department sends notification to all qualified vendors for their ranking from the previous year.

For the purpose of performing accurate assessment of the questionnaire, please submit accurate and true data within the application in the prequalification part.

If you are submitting the questionnaire by email, you can download it here.

The process for update of the financial information is performed during one calendar year starting from 01 January to 31 December in the current year.
Makedonski Telekom AD shall inform You once a year for the results received in the process of vendor qualification.
We are pleased to respond to all of your questions on our contact e-mail or telephone numbers +389 2 3242 245/ 2 3242 239.

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