Registration for Vendors


Prior to commencing with the registration process, please provide the necessary data and documents specified in the Form related to documents needed for registration and prequalification.

This is necessary because the allowed period for complete registration takes 40 minutes and you should enter the requested data and save them within that period of time in order to successfully perform your registration. If you fail to enter all data within that period, please repeat the registration (session) again.

After you have successfully performed your registration, you shall be redirected to the site for vendor prequalification where you should fill-in the fields, thus completing the process of web registration as our vendor. As our registered vendor you will have the opportunity to be invited and participate on tenders and calls for bids.


The documents necessary for performing the registration and prequalification process are the following:

Document for registered activity issued by a competent court or institution for legal persons for the performance of their activity (not older than 6 months), balance sheet and income statement for the last 3 years.

Please look at the pdf form for the necessary data and documents for registration and prequalification before you begin with the registration and prequalification.
Our colleagues always at your disposal either in filling out Vendor Statement form, or in questions in connection with Vendor Qualification System:
Katerina Jovanovska          Maja Bogoevska
Tel: +389 2 3242 245          Tel: +389 2 3242 239
Please read the following statements. The approval of the statements is a precondition of contracting with and placing orders by Makedonski Telekom.
Anti corruption clause
To read the document, please click here.
Code of Conduct
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If you have any compliance related questions, do not hesitate to contact:
Confidentiality Statement
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Compliance training for Makedonski Telekom suppliers, as suppliers of Deutsche Telekom Group
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